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ELD 新作 | 江月溯流光,澄碧浸明眸

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Passing through nature and art

We discarded the redundant walls and doors in the original space, opened up the overall layout, and formed a natural space of migratory circulation. The layout design of the entire space has its profound artistic origin. The rich aesthetics and modern minimalist expression coexist, showing the perfect fusion of extreme craftsmanship and original texture.

The layout of the living room is originally square, and under the curved lines of the balcony ceiling, it brings a touch of softness, and with the help of the curved glass design, the outdoor landscape is enlarged. The waves are shining, the Dan Ying is carved, and the eyes are full of blossoms, with a panoramic view.


水光天色,清颍东流。微风泛起江面涟漪,丝丝入扣,为空间扬起一片艺术的风帆。江景的澄澈宁静,与Living Divani 沙发的静谧蓝相得益彰,如一缕清风,如万顷碧波,时间,仿佛就停泊在那一畔江心。

The sky is clear and the sky is clear, and the sky flows from the east. The breeze rippling the river surface, the slightest tangling, raises an artistic sail for the space. The clarity and tranquility of the river view complements the quiet blue of the Living Divani sofa, like a wisp of breeze, like a vast expanse of blue waves, time, as if parked in the middle of the river.

B&B 品牌的UP5-6扶手椅占据了我们视觉的重心,它仿佛是驻足在水烟处的一位舞者,在一圈圈散开的波纹与涟漪之间,回转,停留,使静止的空间产生流动的气息。以咫尺之间的意象,予人流动轻盈,诗意荡漾的想象,投射出人与自然和谐互动的关系。
The UP5-6 armchair of the B&B brand occupies our visual center of gravity. It is like a dancer stopping at the hookah, turning and staying between the scattered waves and ripples, making the static space flow. Breath. With the image within close proximity, it gives people a flowing and light, poetic imagination, projecting the harmonious and interactive relationship between man and nature.

The natural light introduced by the deciduous window is clear and clear, like a gurgling stream in the mountains, slowly falling into the black bookshelf, shuttle, retrospect, deconstruction, and remodeling.
When night falls, the linear lighting at the ceiling will awaken the long-sleeping consciousness in the space, the outline is clear and soft, making the whole space more layered and artistic.
The sky is full of light, shining brightly

Haruki Murakami once said: Ceremony is a very important thing. He makes us awe about things and people, and makes us cherish the little things in life even more. And this open dining bar is a small world where the host and hostess create a sense of life rituals together. In the early morning, the hostess cooks fragrant coffee, the hostess plays lazy music, chatting, and simple daily routines are also not pleasant. Here, the "life ritual sense" unfolded as scheduled, and the family found the long-lost ease and comfort.

The western kitchen area is the central point of constructing the overall space. The line of sight gathers here, and then diverges to the living room, master room, and Chinese kitchen area. This interesting experience of turning around comes from the long history of the Pearl River. The white texture and soft texture of the MDF dining chair combine to create a comfortable and warm feeling.

The moving lines of the migratory garden constitute a close connection between the spaces, and the scenes vary with each step, the movement and the static are suitable, and the empathy between the spaces is achieved.
Sun is still bathing in the moon

In Nalanxingde's "Waves Washing the Sand · Looking at the Sea", a picture is depicted: the red sun is rising in the early morning, the morning glow is scattered, the floating light jumps over gold, and the quiet shadow sinks. The poet who had just finished bathing slowly climbed onto the window sill with the wet mist, watching the golden brilliance spilling onto the sea; at night, the plain moon rises eastward, the silver gleams everywhere, the dark blue sky with twinkling stars and the reflection of the moon , The sea gently swayed the moon on the water, and the moon reflected in the water like a pearl inlaid on the surface of the river. The poet can't hold back the surging emotions, "I want to take advantage of it", to explore the secrets of the sea.

The emotions and scenery depicted by Nalanxingde are similar to the atmosphere of the master bedroom. The master bedroom incorporates the colors of the sky and the clear water, giving it a romantic tone of "water blisters catching water every day", and everything you can see is quiet, calm and peaceful.
trace back to the source

If the design of the master bedroom is to capture the aura of the heavens and the earth and gather the brilliance of the sun and the moon, then the second bedroom is a piece of jade hidden among the springs. The dewdrops fall on the pure and moist white wall, which is more artistic with the dark green cabinet.

The soft decoration adopts the minimalist black and white system, which contrasts with the pure white wall. The large area of blinds is compatible with natural light, and weaves into a patchwork of light and shadow. Sit and listen to the flow of time, and feel the bit of picture in front of you. The fast-paced today is a simple and extravagant thing, and it is also a sense of ritual of serious living.
项目地址  | 中国 广州
Project Address | Guangzhou, China
设计面积  | 150m²
Design Area | 150m²
设计时间  | 2020.10
Design Time | 2020.10
竣工时间  | 2021.09
Completion Time | 2021.09
设计单位 | 广州李友友室内设计有限公司
Design Unit | Evans Lee designers Co.,Ltd.
设计总监  | 李友友
Design Director | Evans Lee
设计团队  | Lynn,林佳子,何先权,关沛君
Design Team | Lynn,JiaZi,Jackie,June
项目摄影  | 翱翔
Project Photography  | Aoxiang

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