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ATMOSPHERE氣象建築 - hug x UMA WANG全新概念店

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The space is slightly square, surrounded by walls, with gates on all sides, crisscrossing the city in a chessboard-like layout. This is Pompeii.

Which was destroyed because of Vesuvius, and got eternal for the same reason.



如果说Pompeii是UMA WANG通过设计对历史的解构与还原,那么这个空间则是通过所有素材去试图回溯这一失落的文明。

If Pompeii is UMA WANG's deconstruction and restoration of history through design, then this space tries to trace back this lost civilization through all the materials.




It's a tribute, but also a rebirth after looking back on history.








Solemn and concise, primitive and mysterious.

The sense of history beneath the ash after 2000 years are conveyed through the annular distribution of floor bricks, interior materials and wood elements in the space.




In this solemnness, the top light penetrates the room from above and falls on the green plants in the middle of the ground, as a metaphor for the arrival of hope after the ruins.




Churches, shrines, and the awe-inspiring atmosphere of ancient civilization two thousand years ago are recreated here in a concise and restrained combination.







The Pompeii series features Uma's rare fluorescent colors to restore the luster of falling ash and to symbolize new life.




The concept of space is also reflected in the presentation. In the overall simplicity of the atmosphere, through the annular space deep into it, in the fitting room under the shade of curtain, red color can be seen.





Like the eruption of a volcano with a red and hot moment.

This call should be the metaphor of UMA in the series, and the collision of colors also brings more layers to the space.




Ascend the steps along the rotating staircase, the light turns from dark to bright, and space changes accordingly.







Different from the primitive and mysterious atmosphere downstairs, on the steps, the space dominated by silver and white suddenly opened the boundary of vision.




The concept of time and space has more multidimensional expression here, where the senses collide and intersect, giving the space a unique language system.




The circular and linear stainless steel rail display frame is a visual moving line, which connects the whole space in an orderly way.






hug自诞生之初便肩负着甄选全球独立设计师作品的使命——将不同优质设计品牌整合其中,乃至hug自有的Merci Beauty。

Since hug's inception, it has been its mission to select the works of independent designers from around the world -- to integrate different quality design brands, including Merci Beauty of hug's own.





The application of curved surface elements to a certain extent neutralized the coldness brought by silver, and hug brand blue was interlaced with it, showing a sense of future and pioneer.





Avant-garde and neutral, inclusive and storage.

Not only the modern sense in western pop culture, but also the contemporary consciousness from the east.




The use of shadowless lamp film ceiling fades the noise belonging to the outside world to the greatest extent, so that the space focuses on the clothing itself, which greatly extends the use cycle of the space.




hug is hug,

hug is more than hug.



Name | 项目名称

hug x UMA WANG全新概念店

Location | 项目地点

Chengdu, China | 中国成都

Area | 面积


Date | 完成时间

Dec 2020 | 2020年12月

Design in charge | 主案设计

Tommy Yu

Cooperative Design | 协同设计

April Lo | Deniel Hwang

Animation Design | 动画设计

Vivi Lee

Main Material | 主要材料

Stainless Steel 不锈钢 | Art Paint 艺术涂料

Graphic Design | 平面设计


Furniture Supplier | 家具提供

YEPOM / Hodays

Lighting Solution | 灯光方案

ArtLuci / Mario Tsai

Artist | 合作艺术家

Uma Wang / Ziggy Chen / Xander Zhou / SHAW STUDIO / OUDE WAAG

Photographer | 摄影

形在空间摄影 Here Space | 贺川

Article | 文案





「ATMOSPHERE Architects 氣象建築」 成立于2018年。



About 「ATMOSPHERE Architects」

「ATMOSPHERE Architects 氣象建築」founded in Y2018.

As an architecture and interior design firm, we dedicate in research and practice through a global perspective. The team is composed of senior architects and designers graduated from top domestic and overseas universities, devoting in exploring the relationship between contemporary architecture and space in a thoughtful and logical way. Our work includes architectural design, interior space design, installation and artwork, contemporary video and multimedia production, and our ultimate goal is to lead in modern aesthetics and ideas.  At the same time, we incorporate cutting-edge technology and work with contemporary artists and designers in crossover fields. Explore the future of "new retail" with avant-garde design ideas to break the creative boundaries.


Tommy YU

ATMOSPHERE Architects氣象建築 创始人 / 主持设计师


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